The Enchanting Sound of the Pan Flute.

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The Latest Albums

Sean has performed both South American Folk Music and Classical Pan Flute Music throughout his career, spanning decades, during which time he has released several Albums. To find about his latest Pan Pipe recordings Click the Link below.

The Latest Albums

Professional Hand Made Pan Flutes


Decades ago Sean Koreski was frustrated  with the low quality of Pan flutes made by other builders, so he began  building his own Pan flutes for his Concerts. Others noted the warm,  full tone of his pan flutes and began requesting he also build for them.  

Now after selling Pan  flutes to Musicians all over the world for many years, Sean's passion  for building Pan Pipes has brought him to create even more wonderful  Masterpieces for both professionals and beginners.

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The Artist and the Music.

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of the deep feelings I hold in my heart that cannot be expressed in words. My career playing the Pan Flute has spanned decades. click below to find out more.

About the Artist